- Conducted full rebranding
- Market research: Led internal and external workshops & company immersion
- Defined the new brand position and identity concepts
- Designed the new brand identity (including logo, typography and branded colour photo filters)
- Developed brand guidelines document
- Designed collateral (including business cards, media pack, and print reports)
- Developed website UX - Designed website interaction design, motion graphics, and UI

The Inflecto rebrand was one of the most interesting brand projects I’ve lead to date. From the first company workshop to the handover, every step was challenging and edifying.

In an ever more crowded marketplace, it’s key that businesses are strategic about when and where they target consumers. To make these tough decisions, businesses increasingly turn to big data.

Inflecto focuses on helping the clients make those tough calls. Their cutting-edge approach slices through the intricacies of the digital world and simplifies it, ensuring their clients target the right people at the right time.

Inflecto is nimble - the people who work there adapt rapidly to the ever-evolving world of data to ensure that they have the biggest impact possible for their clients. That boldness and agility is core to what we wanted to capture in their rebranding.