Pulse Learning

• Conducted data analysis: to identify original website problems
• User interviews to understand user needs
• Redesigned IA
• Developed personas and user journeys
• Designed concept wireframing
• User testing of prototype

Pulse Learning is an online platform providing CPD content for GPs and nurses who want to update their knowledge.

The client came to us wanting to increase user conversion to premium memberships. We found their problem: the platform was not user-friendly. Navigation was confusing and some functionalities were hidden.

Our first step was to comb through over 50 pages customers reviews to understand top user issues. We followed that up with user interviews, finding that users were confused and overwhelmed by the disorganised information. Furthermore, we found that non-converted users they didn’t see the value of paying for premium content when they could “find free online content somewhere else”.
To remediate this issue, we redesigned the user interface and added innovative functionality (such as indivudual progress dashboards) to help Pulse stand out from the competition. We tested the prototype on users, screen and face recording their journey to analyse their actions and reactions.

We also created personas and storyboarded user journeys to help the company consider and address user needs moving forward with product development.

After working out the full IA, we created several personas and I storyboarded user journeys to answer needs and goals of three types of user.